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The Lilitic Goddess of Healing
Imaged as an older Lilita with white hair, skin, ekhañka (a pragmatic one-piece garment similar to a leotard) and henwestete (arm and leg coverings.) On her chest is a large red equilateral triangle pointing downward. Her henwestete and layered, providing many gentle and loose ruffles. If portrayed as caring for the extremely ill (or contagious), her face is covered in a white gas mask shaped to fit the head of a Ksreskézaian. In one hand, she carries a hanging stack of dishes (another Ksreskézaian custom) meant for a patient—that a Okse patient would accept pre-cooked food is a show of great trust.

Prayers to Poaléa are not always predicated on injury of the physical kind. Poaléa presides over broken hearts, trust, and economies just as well; she heals all things. It is imagined that she is also responsible for patching up and healing the dead, so generally most offerings to her involve medical supplies with the expectation that they will be used to help heal those new to the great beyond.