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The Memory of the City

Xhomitzi epigenetics

The Xhomitz Genetic Bottleneck was discovered shortly after their species joined the Cassiopeia Treaty Organisation in 50010 lky. Due to their beliefs around reincarnation—that every birth among their people is the rebirth of whoever has been dead the longest; that the tribe's strength is diluted by large numbers; and that the "slack" of a large generation is cleared every 576 years when their divine calendar rolls over—their ene pool displays an incredible amount of inbreeding and loss-of-function mutations. It is generally thought that that strong selective pressure from the environment is responsible for keeping the whole species from collapsing. Myriad genetic disorders are endemic to the population. This exhibit presents a selection of historic and modern efforts to revitalise the Xhomitzi genome, funded in part by the Department of Biomedical History at the University of Nionosca.
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the way Windward

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regalia of the Iron princes

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