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Head Curator of Lilitic Antiquities

The Tumbling Dice Toy Factory

I recently got into a debate with someone over the legitimacy of the word 'gynoid.' Although the debate ended swiftly when the other party asserted that the mere action of being listed in a dictionary does not make a word a 'real' part of language, I did, in the course of things, find myself irked that I was not personally familiar with the original book that introduced the word 'gynoid' in the first place. I spend a lot of time ruminating on how human gender translates into the artificial realm, so this was surely a rather grave oversight.

Well, no longer. Allow me to relate my impressions of Divine Endurance, its philosophy, and how its values have weathered in the 33 years since its publication.  […]
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Head Curator of Lilitic Antiquities

Tabletop Wanisin

Presenting history in a unique and engaging way is sometimes the most taxing of challenges an archivist can be faced with. In the course of such intricate decision-making about how to plan exhibits and sifting through millions of historical documents to discern what came to be relevant to the greater narrative and what can be relegated safely to obscurity, it often comes to pass that there is a period of silence on the part of the Museum which seems to drown out all else. Indeed all may seem quiet—but it is not exactly so. […]
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Head Curator of Lilitic Antiquities

Broadening Scope

In keeping with our mission of documenting life in Thet, we have undergone a recent expansion in the aim of our presented documentation to better represent other regions in the Expanse and of historical and cultural significance to groups with significant presence in the archipelago. These will be filled out more thoroughly over the following months.
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