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  1. kelí Aíteke apogelía. Currently exhibiting Tletketti artefacts from the late Tlem era (67000-67500 lky)
  2. lotane índe. Permanent collection of machinery and artefacts excavated on Thet during the first period of excavation (0-100 iky)
  3. soveme índe. Permanent collection of early Thessian Lilitai architectural relics (1044 lilpo-90 iky)
  4. Tannhauser conservatory. Currently exhibiting architectural samples from ruins of Survaní Doisseia (1044 lilpo-3274 iky)
  5. Atsha-Sithéa trúkhitro. Permanent collection of materials relating to the office of the Matriarch of the Lilitina of Thessia, archaic Illera, and the nomadic fleet (23948 ksepo-25 tgc)
  6. míteví dúmelíaní tshentwidhildto tsoimelío. Currently exhibiting the Anpari Private Collection of Collegian Intertextual Visual Art
  7. miteví legenare il an Eposhedta. Permanent display of Uravéan cult hiero-paraphernalia from archaic Illera (672-829 lilpo)
  8. leneví dúmalíaní tshentiwidhildto tsoimelío. Temporary exhibit on the Letema Sereksan (Identity Crisis) (2863-3261 iky)
  9. lokhanan tsoile miten. Dimming Echoes: Reed-era Perspectives (0-2500 tgc) on Late Prelapsarian Society (3000-3174 iky) in the Lilikoisa Valley
  10. lokhanan tsoile lenen. Babel by the Sea: cultural tensions in Torgezil and the search for self-expression among the Cossipi
  11. trúelía Venetían. The Khúsak, their Policies and Promises: the Expanse's original identity crisis in a time of hope
  12. lokhanan tsoile raipen. Xhomitzi epigenetics: a tragic past uncovered by syringe
  13. lokhanan tsoile koten.
  14. índo illenegenareneis.
  15. Hallway Rôtomeman. Billions and Billions: History of the Globkhro Federation
  16. TBA (left of centre)
  17. TBA (left of centre)
  18. tsoildta mítevis. First evidence of early Pesenid contact with Globkhro (c. 62600 lky)
  19. tsoildta lenevis. Globkhro under the Pesenese Union (62651–62914 lky)
  20. tsoildta raipevis. Early independent Globkhro (62914–63205 lky)
  21. tsoildta kotevis. Ksreskézaian Globkhro (63205–67891 lky)
  22. tsoildta alkevis. Early Globkhro Federation (67891–73594 lky)
  23. tsoildta tañgevis. Late Globkhro Federation (73594–75615 lky)
  24. tsoildta vesevis. Modern Globkhro (75615 lky–present)
  25. camera prima. The Khúsak: From Hobala To The Stars
  26. camera secunda. The Khúsak: Dreamers of Peace
  27. camera tria. The Khúsak: Modern Archaeological Findings
  28. Hallway Temporal. Overture of human history
  29. Illúmbelía Dextran. See front desk for schedule of upcoming lectures
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  56. Naira il asa Stillanivíai. Corridor for clergy access to the Eposhedta (#80); no public access
  57. TBA
  58. TBA
  59. TBA
  60. Keltsoila il Stillaníai. Temple reliquary; no public access
  61. Sterethina'l Stillúbequíai. Priestesses' quarters; no public access
  62. setelía. No public access
  63. illotetelía. Temple library; no public access
  64. eftessomatelía. Consultation and prayer chamber; see front desk for availability
  65. TBA
  66. TBA
  67. TBA
  68. TBA
  69. TBA
  70. TBA
  71. Tokapé Room. Life and achievements of Dr. Carl Edward Sagan (1934–1996 CE) sponsored by Peseneyic Contact Society
  72. Tlemezil Qian. Access terminal and technical showcase: decommissioned Dis Psyches
  73. Torgezil Qian. the way windward, a new sculpture by Carina Foya
  74. Apelía. Original bridge of the Alepona (Salo) removed during retrofitting in 104 tgc
  75. Catharsis Parlour. Special exhibit on the surviving regalia of rulers from the Iron provincial period
  76. Chamber of Harmonies. Nosica and the Prelapsarian World
  77. Chamber of Melodies. New Nosica (1–2500 tgc)
  78. Chamber of Resonance. Iron Nionosca (1–2500 tgc)
  79. Chamber of Rhythm. Voices from the Consolidation: Nionosca in its own words
  80. Eposhedta il mefíaní Koistilla. Preserved in original form circa 200 iky when the Temple of Uravéa was donated to the Museum; see front desk for schedule of upcoming services
  81. TBA
  82. TBA
  83. Deginelía il Mútzima Úravéda. Tomb of Mútzima of the Dark Wand, first High Priestess of the Cult of Úravéa.
  84. TBA (next to #66)
  85. TBA (below #80)
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