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The Lilitic Goddess of the Self
Imaged as a woman with earthy green hair and tanned skin, in travelling clothing, with a hiking staff, self-applied bandages, and bare, dirty feet. Around her ankle she may wear a blank Oksinení caste bracelet, signifying exile from society.

Uvíha represents independence, personal determination, and self-reliance. She is the patron of loners, the lonely who must persevere without contact with others, the ostracised, and those certain of ideas not widely accepted but who will not yield to the grain.

Lilitinaní culture recognises that the mind is modified from its natural state by social contact (although this was not always so.) This of course is held to be better than not for most situations, but there is a place in the moral sphere of the Lilitai for correction and introspection to be necessary. At her time of maturity, every Lilita is expected to make an offering to Uvíha as the declaration of her own right to independence. This is typically followed by a journey through a series of traditional tribulations which serve to establish the Atetía's role in society. These highly ritualized trials resemble the challenges faced by the early Slokdtabasa.

Most prayers regarding Uvíha are to garner self-confidence, enable perseverance, or occasionally make someone else more independent. Sacrifices are usually a personal belonging related to socialization, e.g. fashionable clothing, exotic food, or something else meant to impress others.

Example Prayer: Uvíha, íé illau

I step now out of the bounds of the united,
away from those who just yesterday walked beside me.
The comfort of their companionship is no longer a refuge.
It chokes me,
and I have something now with me that I cannot allow to succumb in this way.

It is precious to me,
and perhaps,
at some moment,
will be precious to them, too.
They will understand then what they cannot now truly see.
And so I must face the chill of distance,
and I ask you,
goddess of independence and of self-reliance,
to grant me the strength to step away,
and to thrive in this time,
dark with isolation.
In my heart I know this is the best for me and for us all!

Cut the rope,
break the walls.
Forgive love,
forgive hate.
They will understand when I return.
They will understand when I return.
My resolve is pure.
Let me be free.
Into your divine arms I give myself.