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The Memory of the City

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Tabletop Wanisin

Presenting history in a unique and engaging way is sometimes the most taxing of challenges an archivist can be faced with. In the course of such intricate decision-making about how to plan exhibits and sifting through millions of historical documents to discern what came to be relevant to the greater narrative and what can be relegated safely to obscurity, it often comes to pass that there is a period of silence on the part of the Museum which seems to drown out all else. Indeed all may seem quiet—but it is not exactly so. […]
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Broadening Scope

In keeping with our mission of documenting life in Thet, we have undergone a recent expansion in the aim of our presented documentation to better represent other regions in the Expanse and of historical and cultural significance to groups with significant presence in the archipelago. These will be filled out more thoroughly over the following months.
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Coming Soon: the Wanisin Archives

After months of heated negotiations with the Shúthíma Federal Archives in Regenelía, the Memory is pleased to report that we have finally obtained permission to begin publication of material pertaining to Wanisin and especially its early history. Even though this material was declassified by the Hatel embassy in Tokaran over a century ago, the Wind government has attempted to control access to this material because of their sensitive nature. Over the next year, we hope to start publishing the available historical records for this remarkable place so that the greater cosmos can be more familiar with the exceptional details of the longest- and best-kept secret in known history.
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