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The Lilitic Goddess of Manipulation
Young Lilitasa are taught that most things in the universe are not completely fixed, terminal quantities, but in fact are variable, mutable parts of life's narrative, which weave to and from the centre view like musical elements. A bleak situation can be turned into something entirely different through careful examination and external application of pressures in just the right way. This was a lesson which the Slokdtabasa learned from their masters, who were no exception to the realm of court intrigue. It was one that took some time to acquire, as the Rotomemí culture was enlightened far past the concept of social classes, but ultimately they knew adaptation was inevitable.

Prayers to Telméa revolve around ensuring that a manipulation succeeds, be it of people or nature, and are accompanied by a monetary bribe, usually by burning paper currency, or, for Lyrisclensian-raised Lilitai, paper with secrets known to no one else on them (these secrets cannot ever be reused or revealed afterwards, or the manipulation will come undone.) The notion that manipulation of people is wrong morally exists amongst the Lilitai, but the ends may readily justify the means in a survivalist culture.

Telméa is imagined as a figure cloaked in black, who carries (on a chain around her neck) a brass pot filled with coins. She jingles with every motion, and can only whisper or laugh mockingly. The smell of blood may follow her.