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The Lilitic Goddess of Love
The Lilitai are privy to many forms of love, but none binds or inspires them like fulestokhine—romantic love, known as a lust of purity and emotion, not merely appetite. To the Lilitasa, love means understanding and protecting another's mind—it is the joy of bathing oneself in the other's personality and ideas. Consequentially, for the Lilitai, monogamy is the general rule (although not one without exceptions.)

Améa is the embodiment of love's triumph over boundaries, and of the dawn of new relationships. She is the force that drives women to act, to think, and to obsess; she is Cupid, and Aphrodite, and the glue of a thousand-year-old marriage. To help love blossom, a Lilita must drink water that has touched her lover's bosom; to keep love strong, she must drink water that has touched her own. Only if the love is true will either work; elsewise the correct pairing will be drawn together instead.

Améa appears ensconced in blue and yellow ribbons of soft, translucent fabric. Her hair is similar, and she carries an Oksinení mug filled with dew, which she pours on those upon whom she acts.