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The Lilitic Goddess of Obsession
Obesssion is the source of balance in one's personal life. Viewed negatively by human society, the Lilitasa regard it as a sliding scale of commitment which ranges from total disregard to complete preoccupation. Prayers to Ighokhéa can be made to lower or raise any obsession, by either a first party or on their behalves; in this way Ighokhéa also constitutes the agent of memory and forgetting, and as such is the patron deity of mnemomancers.

She is portrayed in Oksinení robes, which are perfectly clean and orderly. She wears an oversized pair of glasses, and carries a large metal analogue timepiece, which she frequently checks. Her hair and clothing are both a warm green, but this inverts to purple if she is asked to appear as Alezighokhéa, the forgetter and abandoner who frees the obsessed from their concerns.

In the rites, Ighokhéa is paid by lost sleep and wakefulness, to show that simple pleasures like health are no object. To repay Alezighokhéa, one need merely oversleep. One cannot enter a contract with one aspect while in a contract with the other; nor can less than a day pass between the establishment of two contracts, even with the same aspect.

Sleepwalking that is not outright violent is generally believed to be caused by a visitation from Ighokhéa. It may be taken to mean that the sufferer has prayed excessively to Ighokhéa and should embrace her inverse, but is usually interpreted as the random consequence of the goddess's own nervous energy. Priestesses (the bístogalsai) are appointed to wake sleepwalkers. Violent episodes are taken to be gluttony on the part of Múrekíha.