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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged writing:

alnaru, n. Line of text in a story or poem.
anatru, n. Stanza or verse.
berwidhinu, n. Fiction.
denlé, v. To write.
denlu, n. Medium; that substance which is used to illustrate, typically ink or paint.
ekahekhtu, n. Variant, alternative form, deviation, variation.
ekhonverekíu, n. Description.
étshefidtu, n. Lyric; words sung.
hedathé, v. To write (on a topic).
íalu, n. Poetic metre.
illidathé, v. To write (an essay).
illidhu, n. Essay.
ilsithekhtíu, n. Monologue.
índu, n. Hallway; corridor; margin.
irtalní sarvíu, n. Exposition.
karení, a. Recorded or digitally stored.
kekhívíu, n. Epilogue.
krení, a. On paper; on a computer; recorded.
kru, n. Medium (paper, canvas); the substrate upon which a work of art is made.
lapistíu, n. Rock pen, such as a stick of chalk or pencil; usually chalk.
natu, n. Eraser.
neiptu, n. Note.
pefívíu, n. Prologue.
pivitu, n. Clause.
rafí, a. Written.
sarthebé, v. To author.
sarthíu, n. Author.
sarvidtu, n. Plot event.
sarvíu, n. Plot.
sefenlu, n. Ink, including paints that darken when applied in a more concentrated form, like watercolor.
shúkhristíu, n. Quill.
sírívíu, n. Moment of climax; the peak of a series of events.
stemnu, n. Word-leaf; page; page's worth of text (synecdochially).
stíloé, v. To write; to pen (a text).
súpto, n. Short poem, usually reflecting on an immediate situation.
tatúlu, n. Version, revision.
thelwidhu, n. Diary or personal log.
tínota, n. Calligraphy or typography.
tshentwidhildtu, n. Historical story, chronicle, or museum exhibit.
tshentwidhinu, n. History.
tshílitru, n. Paragraph.
vekhroleté, v. To edit; to refine (while preserving the original goal).
vekhrumbé, v. To endow with meaning; to establish a goal.
widathé, v. To write (a story).
widhebé, v. Report.
widhildtu, n. Story, either historical or fictional.
widhiní, a. Fictional or historical.
widhinu, n. Literature; the sum of fictional and historical accounts.
widhu, n. Book; story.
wistu, n. Character.
zekidathé, v. To write (an experience or event).
zhíovekhrumbé, v. To change the meaning or goal of something.
zofekíe, n. Chapter.