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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
Word of the Day: rafí
a. Written.
ababa, n. Co-mother, caretaker, or father.
abama, n. Co-mother, caretaker, or father.
abizeneí, a. Dysfunctional or withdrawn, suggesting depression or worry.
adazílesta, n. Nudism.
adazoka, n. Fear of nudity, especially hatred of one's own body-image, including dysmorphic syndrome.
adía, n. Breath or gentle gust of wind.
adígé, v. To tug.
adíhoé, v. To breathe.
adíhoení kotopu, n. Punctus or list-starting colon.
adikade, n. Mucus.
adísogeneía, n. Wind-chaser, a buoyant ray-like glider animal native to Thet.
adísogezo, n. Sailboat, sailing ship, or solar sail powered spacecraft.
adzheldídte, n. Timestamp.
adzhrí, a. Feminine.
afaikhebé, v. To posture, to deliberately project a certain silhouette.
afaikhu, n. Silhouette.
afdúdeza, n. Abject despair; profound sense of immaterialness or worthlessness.
afoé, v. To swallow.
afulestokha, n. Obsessive hate coloured by romantic entanglement.
ahala, n. The A vowel.
ahé, v. To change.
ahekíurivíe il warzine, n. Particle modifier; a preposition.
ahekízoka, n. Fear of change.
Aidtôko, n. Iraq.
Aigípto, n. Egypt.
ailekhto, n. Microphone or other audio-detecting device.
ailía, n. Ear canal.
ailídta, n. Ear-tip.
ailílesta, n. Ear fetishism.
aiteke, n. Gift.
Aithíopía, n. Ethiopia.
aitzelío, n. Place of business (store, shop, etc.) belonging to a merchant.
aitzu, n. Merchant; trader.
Akasha, n. Epithet of Rostyaekía meaning "unenslaved."
Akatshova, n. Monday, the second day of the Gregorian week.
akekhí, a. Infinite; endless.
akekhía, n. Eternity; all of the future.
akelí, a. Average (in quality).
akhabemu, n. South-East.
Akhaní Koría, n. South Korea.
akhanu, n. South.
Akhúôntría, n. Afghanistan.
akoa, n. Moon.
akofama, n. Reflection of a moon, usually on water.
akoneda, n. Menstrual blood.
akonedubé, v. To menstruate.
akonílesta, n. Menstruation fetishism.
akonova, n. Lunar month.
aktoné, v. To present or plead an argument in front of a figure or assembly of authority; to protest on the behalf of.
aktonekwíu, n. Public speaker, rhetorician, lecturer, intellectual, academic.
aktonelío, n. Hearing; court session; administrative hearing; or a room or building in which such proceedings occur.
alaifoiné, v. To swallow.
alaksé, v. To dip the head indicating yes or acceptance.
alaksekwíu, n. Someone who nods a lot; sycophant.
alambeda, n. Waterfall.
alamúbeda, n. Waterfall of blood.
alane, n. Down.
alañgé, v. To go down, to descend.
alañgre, n. Weight; downward pull.
alanidzhé, v. To deposit.
alar-, pre. Hundred thousands (base twelve; 12^5).
alazé, v. To hesitate or briefly pause.
albedé, v. To be idle; to not flow; to have no work or inspiration; to be dried up (of a river).
albedekwíu, n. Someone with a stalled career; professional procrastinator or idler.
aldeku, n. Improvisation (in performance art).
aldekwíu, n. Improvisational performer.
Aldzharía, n. Algeria.
alé, ex. Stop; don't do that.
alé-, pre. Not (also unstressed, as ale-, or before a vowel as al-).
aledekighé, v. To improvise.
aledekighekwíu, n. Improvisational performer.
-aledí, suf. Not ~ed (V to A).
aléfa, n. Absolute darkness; hopelessness.
alefínané, v. To speak honestly about a difficult topic or one frequently subject to ridicule.
alefínanekwíu, n. Truth-teller, pundit, wise-woman or wise-man.
alefínanolebí, a. Speaking compassionately but without concealing an unpleasant truth.
alégharí, a. Not sentient; incapable of thought (archaic; see aleghurí).
aleghurí, a. Not sentient; incapable of thought.
aléglokwu, n. Ksreskézaian species name for the Khúsak, meaning 'warless ones'.
alegúlí, a. Familiar or prominent; easily recognized.
aléhé, v. To rob of all effectiveness; to make irrelevant or impotent.
aléhezu, n. One who cripples another's ability to function, such as a past lover separated on inconclusive terms or a highly successful rival.
alekaru, n. Futile attempt.
alekhra, n. Greyscale.
-alekhtu, suf. Ability to ~ (V to N).
alemana, n. Grey (neutral; impartial).
alémanazarobí, a. Intractable.
alemaní, a. Without opinion; neutral.
alémarobí, a. Intractable.
alématarobí, a. Incompatible (of machine parts).
alématekí, a. Disconnected.
alematse, n. Neutron.
alémoí, a. Powerless; having no effect; futile; inapplicable.
alémoigrí, a. Physically powerless; ephemeral; gossamer; completely without strength.
alemúrolebí, a. Harmless.
alenalúekía, n. Planar breach.
aleñgwohu, n. Foundation.
aleñkíu, n. Space.
aléntome, n. Lutetium.
alenzede, n. Sweat.

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