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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged clothing:

alesponí, a. Unsoiled, clean.
alfônúbedí, a. Designed to accommodate humans (but typically not Lilitai).
alnezu, n. Spacesuit.
atetônúbedí, a. Designed to accommodate children.
baveñku, n. Tail-covering.
boseñku, n. Ornamental robe.
dabitu, n. Sewing needle.
dabré, v. To sew, to stitch.
dabu, n. Moccasin.
damota, n. Aesthetics of footwear and foot adornment.
daru, n. (a) thread; (b) archaic term for "line".
dazé, v. To wrap around; to clothe (of a fabric).
dazéu, n. Fabric.
dazoilu, n. Pocket.
dazu, n. Matched clothing, as in a designed outfit or fashion line; a set of clothing.
deklivu, n. Outfit or costume, regardless of completeness or stylistic consistency.
deknotinu, n. Clothing aesthetics; popular fashion.
dektsoilu, n. Clothing storage space.
denaponé, v. To wash clothing.
deñgizhé, v. To dress.
deñku, n. Garment; any article of clothing including shoes and jewellery.
édazé, v. To clothe; to dress someone with clothing.
édhabré, v. To weave.
égônúbedí, a. Designed to accommodate Lilitai.
ekhañka, n. Basic support garment; resembles a one-piece leotard with a low back that fastens around the back of the neck.
ekhtavé, v. To fit (a person, thing, or situation); to be appropriate.
étharí, a. Interwoven; interleaved; twisted together.
fídoséu, n. Collar.
glosalu, n. Cloak.
greñksite, n. Flight mask, similar to a balaclava.
haponí, a. Dirty, soiled.
havaku, n. Veil.
havite, n. Shroud.
henweste, n. A limb-covering garment for either the arm or leg.
itetônúbedí, a. Designed to accommodate adults (but not children).
kerekazhé, v. To tear into strips.
ketshu, n. Fabric woven from stonestem (khetshúzu) hemp.
khetshúze, n. Stonestem plant; a hardy Ksreskézaian crop similar to hemp out of which clothing can be woven.
khosteñku, n. Boot.
letekséo, n. Crown.
lotaku, n. Mask.
nahaponí, a. Cleansed, restored.
navreponekía, n. Exposure to the elements, or the vacuum of space, leading to hypothermia and other maladies.
oksônúbedí, a. Designed to accommodate Ksreskezai.
pesônúbedí, a. Designed to accommodate Peseneyi.
shúmeñku, n. Wing-covering.
stillídazu, n. Priestess's ceremonial costume.
trúdabré, v. To embroider or crochet an image or ornate pattern into a piece of fabric or garment.
vendazidtu, n. Undergarment.
vendazu, n. Undergarments.
yeletshu, n. Rag.
zholeñku, n. Glove.