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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged letter:

ahala, n. The A vowel.
ama (2), n. Rare synonym for the A vowel; see ahala.
bílo, n. The B consonant.
dalo, n. The D consonant.
dhizo, n. The DH consonant.
dtoya, n. The DT consonant.
dzhíva, n. The wide DZH consonant.
dzora, n. The DZ consonant.
éde, n. The long E vowel.
egní dzhíva, n. The narrow DZH consonant.
egní iña, n. The narrow NG consonant.
egní tshada, n. The narrow TSH consonant.
egní vese, n. The narrow V consonant.
egní yura, n. The narrow Y consonant.
êle, n. The schwa vowel.
ente, n. The short E vowel.
fidza, n. The F consonant.
garo, n. The G consonant.
ghedo, n. The GH consonant.
iksa, n. The short I vowel.
iña, n. The wide NG consonant.
ítwa, n. The long I vowel.
kekhí signe, n. The wide, curled S consonant used at the ends of words.
kelsithipta, n. The aspiration vowel modifier.
khama, n. The KH consonant.
kole, n. The K consonant.
kwola, n. The KW consonant cluster, used especially to describe QU in other languages, or sometimes the letter "Q".
lerí níta, n. The raised N consonant; an N with no underline.
liga, n. The full L consonant.
mesa, n. The M consonant.
natí shéma, n. The ς-shaped SH consonant, reintroduced from Oksirapho.
natí zhode, n. The ς-shaped ZH consonant, modelled after natí shéma.
natí zúla, n. The ς-shaped Z consonant, modelled after natí shéma.
níta, n. The N consonant.
obo, n. The long O vowel.
ôko, n. The short O vowel.
panta, n. The P consonant.
raso, n. The narrow R consonant.
relto, n. The broad R consonant.
shéma, n. The SH consonant.
signe, n. The S consonant.
sodení garo, n. The baseline-less G consonant.
sodení ghedo, n. The baseline-less GH content.
tande, n. The T consonant.
tarasa, n. The narrow T consonant.
thatsha, n. The TH consonant.
tshada, n. The wide TSH consonant.
tshelvaní raso, n. The narrow R consonant when drawn backwards with extra stress.
tsiko, n. The TS consonant.
úlo, n. The long U vowel.
umbe, n. The short U vowel.
ûrsto, n. The Ɔ vowel.
venestío, n. The nasalisation vowel modifier.
veniksa, n. The i-diphthongization vowel modifier.
venkhama, n. The topless, hanging KH consonant.
venliga, n. The compact L consonant.
venrasobo, n. The R-coloured vowel modifier.
vese, n. The wide V consonant.
wúo, n. The W consonant.
yura, n. The ornamental Y consonant.
zhode, n. The ZH consonant.
zúla, n. The Z consonant.