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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged direction:

akhabemu, n. South-East.
akhanu, n. South.
alane, n. Down.
alañgé, v. To go down, to descend.
alle, n. Elsewhere.
eliku, n. That way.
erku, n. Inward.
ghabemu, n. North-East.
ghanu, n. North.
ghathanu, n. North-West.
híegeneí, a. Moving alongside; on a parallel course.
híele, n. Sideways; beside; left or right.
híelemes, pm. Alongside; moving with.
híeles, pm. Beside, at the side of.
híemes, pm. Archaic transitional abbreviation of híelemes.
híes, pm. Alongside; moving with.
íane, n. Up.
íañgé, v. To go up, to ascend.
kipekanu, n. Middle; the centremost of several options or directions.
lokhanu, n. South-West.
lotale, n. Counter-clockwise.
lotane, n. Left.
lotanes, pm. Moving leftward from.
lotes, pm. At the left of.
lothanu, n. West.
oliku, n. This way.
ríñke, n. Outward.
sandí, a. Nearby, around, moving around.
sobemu, n. East.
sovele, n. Clockwise.
soveme, n. Right.
sovemes, pm. Moving rightward from.
soves, pm. At the right of.
survane, n. Forward.
survanes, pm. Moving forward from.
surves, pm. In front of.
tshelvane, n. Backward.
tshelvanes, pm. Moving backward from.
tshelves, pm. At the back of.
zívane, n. Back (reciprocal).