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Windows 8
2013-01-04 01:24:51

Windows 8

By far the most remarkable thing is how much of these changes stop existing when Explorer isn't running. Technically I like the ribbon in Explorer because I'm a fan of the ribbon UI for cheesy HCI activism reasons, but I don't think I'd ever actually resort to it since right-clicking is more immediate.

The technical differences are as follows.

  • A new framework for building Metro-style applications, and a collection of applications that run on them.

  • Removed applications like Windows Mail that were redundant with Metro applications—except IE, which exists in both forms.

  • Explorer: removed start menu, added multi-desktop taskbar, added start screen, added win-tab toggling, added hover overlays, added controls for managing docked Metro-style applications, added new ribbon interface.

  • Removed some icons from network control panel. No more park benches!

  • Added font size controls to Display for weird task-oriented reasons.

  • Split language and region control panels.

  • Replaced Windows Defender with Security Essentials.

  • New task manager. (Voodoo digital signature crap prevents it from running on Windows 7.)

  • Renamed "Parental Controls" control panel to the far more patronizing "Family Safety".

  • New, fancier session manager (lock screen, ctrl+alt+del, etc) that looks like Metro but is completely independent from the explorer and application components.

  • New visual style and sound schemes.

  • Broke support for Aero glass. Not compatible (?) with .msstyles from earlier versions.

  • Forgot to update UI of Windows Media Player. (What the hell, guys?)

  • So as far as I can tell, if you're not using Metro, the list of reasons to switch to Windows 8 is unusually slim. I guess theme designers will begin targeting it exclusively, so I could see modders getting possessive, but it really, really, really feels like an internal build or a service pack in terms of how little has changed. It's like the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 95 OSR2. Maybe they think they're approaching perfection?
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