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Atsha-Sithéa Gazdattía
Didacta il Lilitina
Personal Name: Atsha-Sithéa
Familial Name: Gazdattía
Cultural Title: Didacta
Professional Title: il Lilitina

Birth: 67552.411 lky
Death: 934 iky
Lifespan: 1849.9 tgc

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Shúthilda

Biography: Born to the exiled Gazdatto family on Ksreskézo, Atsha-Sithéa enjoyed more freedom than her contemporaries because she was tasked with managing the family's illegal trade business. She was in Tévopío at the time of the Ksreskézaian holocaust because the Gazdatto family had a court date with the king. Regsabta Chúkotía rescued her from a pair of palace guards who didn't believe her story, and the two became fast friends. At that time, she was the last slokdtabasa of the House of Gazdatto, which had sufficient riches to both buy more and to give her a daughter, but not the social capital. She would not have a daughter until more a thousand years later, after reaching Thet.

As the third matriarch (831 lilpo to her death), Atsha-Sithéa gained notoriety for her courage and willingness to take risks where both Gleméa Haidtúo and Súa Gleméanivía had been hesitant. She was responsible for the decision to seek out a new world to colonize, settling Thet, and first contact with the Lyrisclensiae.

Atsha-Sithéa's Oksirapho name was Hegrekña-Úksiñtheka Gazdattía Gloto-Tyogía.

Notably, she was the cousin of Kona Tuktanga, though they were never on friendly terms.

Personality: Atsha-Sithéa was uncomfortable with her role in the family business, and felt she had been sullied by it. Sarthía's writings convinced her to take a more positive outlook, and she became a teacher. For this, she earned the appellation "Didacta" from the Lyrisclensia when they first met, a title carried by her daughter Locussa as gens. Before this her usual cognomen was "Éthelía" or "Westuría".

Lyrisclensiae reach Thet: led the first contact party.
First Thessian–Hogedepi War: commanded the Lilitai and led them in several battles.