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First Thessian–Hogedepi War
Start: 107 iky
End: 194 iky

As the slayers of the Tletkettoyi, the Hogedep believed they had a right to the Thessian brane and its two planets. They were alerted to the fall of the Tletketti in much the same way the Lilitai were, although the news took longer to propagate. By the time the Hogedep military had arrived, however, the Lyrisclensiae (and Telai) had already secured the planet with defences that far exceeded the abilities of the Hogedep forces. The ensuing conflict was bloody and prolonged, but mercifully short compared to the détente that had existed for millennia between the three former superpowers of the region. The outcome seriously disturbed the Hogedep sense of superiority; they would not attempt to attack Thet again for many thousands of years.

This conflict was one of the few times that the Lilitai have participated in all-out war; other such incidents include the civil wars surrounding the Gryphon government. They proved to be vicious fighter pilots and infantry, adding their magical faculties to engagements that few Lyrisclensiae would even consider entering. Fuelled by a deep, ancient hatred for the Hogedep and provided with state-of-the-art weaponry, their unexpected stamina generated several myths among the enemy ranks about enslaved demons.
Ekhessa Salnúkzoa: Provided strategic insight to the Joint Thessian Mission in overseeing the brane's defence; coordinated and planned operations.

(108 iky – 131 iky)
Atsha-Sithéa Gazdattía: commanded the Lilitai and led them in several battles.