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Trestua Nea
Capitol of the Lyrisclensiae on Thessia Major.
For the postlapsarian history of Nea Trestua, see Regenelía.

Trestua Nea (or sometimes just "Trestua", also calqued into Lilitic as "Naití Trestúa", "Trestúa Naita", etc.) was the capitol of the Lyrisclensian country of Collegium on Thessia Major prior to the Shattering. It was settled in late 68156 iky (1072 lilpo) as a research and trading post, primarily to study the ruins of the Tletkettoyi and to re-integrate the Lilitai.

The passion for administration and integrity of the Lyrisclensiae brought intergovernmental business to Trestua Nea, including several fora in which other countries and their departments could convene and exchange information (and occasionally threats.) This reputation no doubt helped in the decision to locate Regenelía, the capitol of the Reed government, at Trestua Nea, in addition to bias caused by the significant Lyrisclensian presence in the administration itself.

Academic institutions located in Trestua Nea include the Illúmbelía il Trestúa (IIT) and Studio Trestunariou, both founded in the early years of settlement. The IIT was, as its name suggests, originally a Lilitic school, and was created to facilitate the re-education of the Lilitai by the Lyrisclensiae in matters of modern science and philosophy; thus though its faculty was invariably Lyrisclensian in the early years, its administration was largely Lilitic, and it initially had Lilitu-only admission. The Studio was more or less exclusively Lyrisclensian in its student base, as the material taught was presented in a very condensed manner as a means of educating the Lyrisclensiae residing on Thessia Major in new fields. It was also the seat of the primary critical apparatus in Lyrisclensian culture on Thessia Major, and funded numerous fundamental research projects, such as Tetragnostica's trignostica research into temporal magic. Together with the VLW in Survaní Doisseia, these universities formed the three Great Schools of Thet.

The name Trestua is an allusion to the Trestunarion, the ancient home of the Lyrisclensiae.