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Ksreskézaian Families
Behind some of the oldest names.
Tévopío: The royal house, named after the second king of the First Empire.
Haidtúo: Aristocrats loyal to Tévopío; once master artisans of fine crafts.
Chúkoto: Merchants and couriers; owners of a media zaibatsu during the Ninth Empire.
Salnúkzoho: Military family; many notable soldiers, admirals, and generals. Distantly related to the similarly-named Salnêkzoyo family.
Salnêkzoyo: Aristocrats from Wemno; diverse portfolio. Split with the Salnúkzoho likely goes back to Third or Fourth Empire.
Rútogo: Merchants from Wemno who maintained a powerful position in the art business.
Wemnoho: Formerly the lineage of the Eighth Empire kings; by the end of the Ninth Empire they had been redeemed as a respected aristocratic house in the capitol.
Korakto: Court astrologers to Tévopío and academics.
Gazdatto: Aristocrats who betrayed Tévopío during the Seventh Empire and were exiled to Wemno.
Tuktango: Wemnian merchants who owned substantial agricultural assets.
Tsaklono: Military family with significant holdings north of Tévopío.
Tkezgoho: Ancient academic bloodline with aristocratic standing in both Wemno and Tévopío.
Ekñedkhonleso: Advisors to the King in Tévopío.
Shentegdo: Established Wemnian aristocratic lineage.
Tizono: Record-keepers for the King in Tévopío.