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Ksreskézaian Roots
Fragments of words from various Ksreskézaian languages.
Word of the Day: regsabto
n. Sleep, rest.
agont-, root. Finger, direction, point.
atvôd-, root. Hip, speed, kicking power, courage to move.
degniksa, n. Detritovores, multicellular with unusual organelles, motile; some have body plans.
dekl-, root. Head, mind, feeling, thought.
dez-, root. Neck, constraint, risk, target.
dzúr-, root. Cloud, shade, uncertainty, preparation for battle.
ekñed-, root. Stone, rock.
ekñedshabra, n. Any of a variety of crystalline toldebipa, including all types of regwa such as kútikshúdzna.
fopm-, root. Rain, calmness, neglectful thought, slipperiness.
fzel-, root. True, real, solid, whole, complete.
fzeltigva, n. Hexapodal tigva similar to an armadillo; direct ancestors of the okso.
fzneidzhr-, root. Status, station, home.
geglok-, root. War, fight, combat, competition, life struggle, life.
glingenyôtza, n. Multicellular aquatic organisms with no distinct body plan, but locomotion.
glot-, root. Moon, night, coldness, secretiveness.
gwemn-, root. Cliff.
hag-, root. Horn, weapon, implement, tool.
hakr-, root. Tail, whip, lineage.
hegrekñ-, root. Star, glow-stone.
hekwíu, n. Primary profession, trade, or expertise.
hitnoklekika, n. Simple unicellular organisms; mostly autotrophs similar to a cyanobacterium.
khabla, n. Fog or nocturnal darkness.
khablínta, n. Flying tigva similar to a bat; some species grow up to 17" in length.
khlofgaba, n. Unicellular heterotrophs with more advanced organelles than degniksa or zípúdeba.
kl-, root. Sky, air, emptiness.
kowak-, root. Arm, joint, impunity.
ksal-, root. Shrub, food source.
kshúdz-, root. Limb, foundation, support, tree-trunk, stem.
ksiklada, n. Three-legged skaoka, disk-shaped, stubby limbs, 4-5" diameter at maturity.
kútikshúdzna, n. Stonestem regwa; a popular source of tough fabric, a type of ekñedshabra.
loñr-, root. Food, eating mouth, jaws, abyss, hunger, instinctual need.
ok-, root. Person, artificial thing.
okso, n. Ksreskézaian.
reglew-, root. Coast, conclusion, threshold.
regsabta, n. Evening; nightfall; sunset.
regsabto, n. Sleep, rest.
regw-, root. Horizon, perimeter, wall, mountain.
regwa, n. Grass or weed [Sotaní Oksirapho], horizon line [Wemní Oksiko], dirt [Mitrajoní Oksiko].
sabt-, root. Sun, glory, heat, might.
salkz-, root. Fire, rage, destruction.
shabr-, root. Tree, obstacle.
shekz-, root. Leg, digging, path, walk.
shidl-, root. Hand, tool, cleverness.
skaoka, n. Tripodal or hexopodal zandasta; most similar to arthropods on Earth.
skaoksn-, root. Weakling, unwilling one, coward, victim.
slef-, root. Water, satisfaction, relief.
sn-, root. Thug.
sner-, root. Shoulder, back, burden.
taignak-, root. Toe, grasp, cling, traction (toehold).
tenks-, root. Tailtip, follower.
tigv-, root. Animal, ancestor, simpleton.
tigva, n. Higher zandasta, uniformly with a bilateral body plan and six limbs.
tnik-, root. Building, shelter, cave.
toldebipa, n. Autotrophic organisms with simple organelles; multicellular, similar to rudimentary plants, mostly found on land.
tolsentipa, n. Simple aquatic colonial organisms; autotrophic and similar to a biofilm.
tovsero, n. Eye, gaze, sphere.
twikliñta, n. Thermotrophs and chemotrophs without distinct organelles, single-celled, usually found in high-pressure environments.
tyog-, root. Body, health, strength.
vmitr-, root. Claw, blade, weapon, progress.
vmúdelk-, root. Military facility.
zandasta, n. Multicellular organisms descendant from the khlofgaba; highly motile with well-organized two-fold or three-fold body plans; likened to the Terran class Bilateria.
zargenyôtza, n. Multicellular, aquatic organisms with radial symmetry and a well-organised body plan; motile.
zípúdeba, n. Heterotrophic organisms with simple organelles; unicellular, similar to protists.
zús-, root. Abdomen, bulk, stomach, womb, heart.
ínt-, root. Individual, traveller, assassin, rogue, outcast, loneliness.
úksiñgth-, root. Sound, music, noise, mumbling, warning.

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