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Ekhessa Salnúkzoa
Personal Name: Ekhessa
Familial Name: Salnúkzoa
Cultural Title: Wistokía

Birth: 67649.531 lky
Death: 132 iky
Lifespan: 770.96 tgc

Species: Other
Gender: Munilda

Biography: One of the Wemnian evacuees; recovered in 411 lilpo at the cost of Gleméa Haidtúa's life. On Ksreskézo she had been an adjutant to Admiral Wemnoho, and served as Commander-in-Chief of the Lilitic fleet after Súa Gleméanivía became Matriarch. A savage fighter and natural leader, she died during the First Thessian–Hogedepi War. Although Gleméa had never met her personally, the first Matriarch strongly admired Ekhessa's military intelligence and said as she died that her sacrifice was well-spent.

For a while, it seemed inevitable that Ekhessa would succeed Gleméa as the Second Matriarch, given how much faith Gleméa had expressed in Ekhessa's leadership skills, but in practice she felt uneasy with civil responsibility, and abjugated the station to Súa, who, all admitted, was much more familiar with the society her mother had helped architect and was very much the sort of fresh voice the young nation needed. This frustrated the former Mitrajethíasa, who felt Ekhessa would be a leader much more in line with their own values, but was proven over time to have been the wisest course of action.

Ekhessa was among those whom Kona's cult strongly urged to accompany them on Wanisin's founding voyage, but refused to abandon the people who had done so much to re-invent themselves or their way of life, and derided them as irresponsible and childish. In retribution, the cultists sneaked into her bedchamber at night and cut off her left hand; it became one of their many artefacts 'purified' by burial in volcanic ash.

As the voyage wore on and the importance of the military gradually diminished—feuds between formerly subjugated systems finally settled, and interstellar merchants abounding—Ekhessa finally and officially retired, producing a series of memoirs. She maintained an intimate relationship with Íora Chúkotía during the early 10th century lilpo, and though they gradually fell out of touch romantically, the two lived in close proximity in Survaní Doisseia and remained close friends. Íora assisted a great deal in helping her write, and the books, six in all, are each dedicated to her.

Ekhessa came out of retirement in 108 iky, during the early months of the First Thessian–Hogedepi War. While the tactics and resources she was familiar with were quite antiquated by Lyrisian and Hatel standards, she still possessed keen insight into both Hogedepi military practices and the Ksreskézaian cunning which had staved off defeat for an unthinkably long period of time despite badly losing the arms race. She died on 132 iky 57/4 of natural causes, having completed her service to the military in 131, and having refused preventative surgery a week earlier. She was buried in the gardens aboard the Zelúkwía, the last Lilitu to be interred there.

Salnúkzoa is also spelled Salnêkzoa. The second vowel was most likely /ʊː/ in the Wemnian dialect of Sotaní Oksirapho.

First Thessian–Hogedepi War: Provided strategic insight to the Joint Thessian Mission in overseeing the brane's defence; coordinated and planned operations.

(108 iky – 131 iky)