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kadzhíra, n. Obedient slave; defector; traitor; puppet.

usage: First used in Slave Rotomemi as the general-purpose term for "slave," this word also influenced Ksreskézaian terms (such as slokdtabu) with the same meaning. Resurrected with two separate meanings by different groups of the Lilitai; loyalists sought to restore its original meaning while others, abhorring, used it to describe those whom they thought threatened their freedoms.

etymology: Rotomemi; presumed to be a Terran fictional reference, but the route of transmission is unclear.
See inflection scheme: iomanazinení noun
See inflection scheme: sarasí noun
See inflection scheme: zeyetaní noun
See inflection scheme: íomanazinení verb

related: slokdtabu
tags: noun, insult