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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged smell:

kwaisekúbé, v. To augment an odour or flavour pleasantly; to spice.
metlekúbé, v. To emit a pleasant odour; to smell good.
metzeka, n. The smell of fruit; any pleasant natural smell.
metzeke, n. Any pleasant smell which is not obviously artificial or natural.
metzeko, n. The smell of baking bread; any pleasant artificial smell.
mokakúbé, v. To emit an unpleasant odour; to stink.
mokasekúbé, v. To taint an odour or flavour unpleasantly.
mokeka, n. The smell of decay; any foul natural smell.
mokeke, n. The smell of stale air; any foul smell which is hard to place.
mokeko, n. The smell of burnt machinery; any foul artificial smell.
tshektu, n. Fragrance; odour; any smell or scent.