Serena tel Moukarhím
Personal Name: Serena
Familial Name: tel Moukarhím

Birth: 67123.342 lky

Species: Hatel
Gender: Other

Appearance: Olive skin, toned to muscular build, pointed ears, height typically between six and seven feet, but sometimes taller. Green eyes.

Biography: Serena's exact origins have been lost in time—we know with some confidence that she was born aboard the Hatel ship Placeholder Antagonist based on census records, but not where she was educated, how she went rogue, or exactly how she has lived for so long. Regardless of the ambiguity surrounding her origin, however, history remains very confident of her immense and negative influence on the planet of Wanisin.

A certain portion of all Hatel are born with an immense capacity for hedonistic disregard; depending on their upbringings, this can manifest itself either self-destructively or be projected outward at others. Hatel society, being naturally tolerant of virtually any peculiarity in the name of self-expression, rarely sees fit to intervene; even the most antisocial eccentrics are merely ostracised. It is noteworthy, then, that Serena tel Moukarhím's proclivities have nearly brought the fleet to a state of war on multiple occasions.

Serena's primary hobby was the non-consensual sculpting of others into forms she found pleasing, often reducing her victims to a state of non-sentience. She maintained an illicit business for many years in what law enforcement agencies politely described as human trafficking; during her most active years, she was also responsible for numerous cases of piracy, hijacking, and theft. Wickedly cunning and elusive, some have speculated she used her art to create body doubles to take the fall whenever the police caught up with her. Working dozens of centuries before the invention of phenotype respecification on Thet, Serena's skill in manipulating the forms of her subjects has been extensively studied from the many specimens found on the black market.

But none of this holds a candle to Serena's greatest accomplishment, Wanisin, which was almost exclusively phototrophic before her discovery of it, centuries prior to the arrival of the Lilitai. The entire ecosphere of the planet, besides a handful of detritovores and autotrophs, was either created or reworked by her, leaving no biome untouched. The subtlety and complexity of Wanisin's ecology is not as diverse as that of a truly organic world of comparable sophistication, but it has been argued that within ten million years there will have been a sufficient evolutionary window to completely obscure its origins as synthetic. Too, Wanisin bears its creator's signature in style: parasitism and violence can be found in almost every single interspecies interaction on the planet.

Serena vanished for a very long time following the arrival of the Lilitai on her world, dropping entirely off the radar except to a select few; her deep involvement in the planet's biology was only found centuries later, when the first Hatel ship, the Autoerotic Apostasy discovered the Wanisinese Empire. Most historians believe she disguised herself as a Lilitu and integrated with Wanisinese society, although at the time it was widely agreed that she had most likely been slain by her own creation.

It was not until the early second millennium tgc that it became public knowledge Serena was still active, though her actions at that point were limited to transplanting Thessians selectively to Wanisin for amusement and experimentation. This finding led directly to the discovery of Wanisin and mainstream acknowledgement that it existed by the Hatel Commonwealth, which had maintained a cold war with the Moukarhím-backed Wanisin Mitraje since the early second millennium iky.

Serena tel Moukarhím settles on Wanisin