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Avoteidza Akasha (Kevrolla)
Raitsomida Faltubeneis
Personal Name: Avoteidza
Familial Name: Akasha (Kevrolla)
Cultural Title: Raitsomida
Professional Title: Faltubeneis

Birth: 473.789 tgc
Death: 1423.523 tgc
Lifespan: 949.73 tgc

Species: Ekela (Wanisinese Lilitu)
Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue-grey skin caused by surgical implants of silver-based pigment by Serena tel Moukarhím. Inverted eyes caused by similar surgeries. Permanently blue hair.

Biography: The prize slave of Vendazra Kevrolla (11043–12304 wanpo), chief theologian to Tamaksia I, Avoteidza was given her freedom upon her Mistress's exile, that she might not fall into the hands of Vendazra's rival, Mutza Kantida, Vice Minister of Order. After guiding a group of Hatelese Commonwealth secret officers to Labyridean territory during an unsuccessful quest to locate tel Moukarhím, Avoteidza developed sympathies for the Sarthian resistance cell in Zokipolla, and later learned that she was gifted with an ideal singing voice for the wielding of Khúsak magic.