Savari tel Moukarhím
Personal Name: Savari
Familial Name: tel Moukarhím

Birth: 67160.968 lky
Death: 67426.872 lky
Lifespan: 319.08 tgc

Spouse: Serena tel Moukarhím (67123.342 lky – present)
Species: Hatel
Gender: Female

Biography: Savari was a close confidante of Serena tel Moukarhím, sent to spy on her by the Commonwealth's Sensitive Affairs department. She quickly developed feelings for Serena, however, and became unreliable as a source of information, eventually being deemed compromised in 67425 lky. Concerned that Serena's ambitions and depravity were growing, Savari reached out again to S.A. in early 67426, which ultimately led to her death at the hands of her spouse a few months later.