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The Astroturfer reaches Wanisin
Date: 181.947 wanpo (68149.61 lky)

The Hatelese Commonwealth's Sensitive Affairs Signal Intelligence unit was perhaps the first humanoid organization to hear of the opening of the Expanse, decades even before the Lyrisclensiae. As it had long been theorized that Serena had fled into Tletkettoyic space, they wasted no time in dispatching the mostly-empty Astroturfer, a huge ship of the same class as the Windbreaker, to search for her. After nearly a year of charting the planets and stars of the Expanse, including a brief interval of contact with the Lilitai on Thet, they found that one of the first planets they'd charted, Wanisin, had some very unusual ecosystems that could not be explained as the product of natural evolution—as well as technology that was distinctly Hatelese.