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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged quantity:

alezhofarobí, a. Indivisible.
alyerezí, a. Not more; not further.
élitrí, a. Connected; with the group; social; in a state of belonging.
érezai, adv. Mostly; predominantly; largely.
éthelí, a. Alone; isolated; lonely; unadorned; bare; naked.
éyernatúé, v. To decrease.
éyernúé, v. To increase.
faru, n. Amount, either quantitative or qualitative.
gemfrí, a. Lacking sufficiency; nowhere near enough.
gend-, pre. Without; lacking (preceding a vowel.)
genda-, pre. Without; lacking (preceding a consonant.)
gendagí, a. Relative measurement; not taken from zero.
gendé, v. To lack; to be without.
gennúí, a. No more; no additional.
, a. No, none, zero in number.
gloí, a. Gone, null, missing, vanished.
goloí, a. Depleted, empty, emptied.
gúnu, n. Nothing.
kelerí, a. Too much; too many.
kevlu, n. Heap, hill, bulk.
kipagí, a. Absolute measurement; taken from zero.
klí, a. Excessive; note also the adverbial form klai ("excessively").
kolí, a. Several; some; a paucity or paucal amount.
linz-, pre. Very little; barely any.
lis-, pre. Minimizer; compare the more common sole-.
lisi-, pre. Minimizer (before a vowel).
litswu, n. Quantity.
mentí, a. Each.
mentí múu, n. Each one.
mentí novu, n. Each other.
míyekhtí, a. Unique.
narezí, a. Not more.
noezí, a. Not only.
nolezí, a. Not less.
noví, a. Other.
núí, a. Extra.
núlí, a. Rare.
re-re-rezí, a. Nearly all.
rezí, a. Most.
senerave, n. Constraint or restriction placed on quantity or amount; limit.
seneré, v. To restrict or constrain by limiting amounts or ranges.
-serhí, suf. ~ times.
serlí, a. Some.
shefaru, n. Situational value.
sole-, pre. Few, little.
solezí, a. Fewer/less.
solí, a. Few in number; emaciated.
sotúlí, a. Uncommon.
tshaitosí, a. Believed to be sufficient, but not.
túlí, a. Common.
vemfrí, a. Not quite enough; under enough; nearly; almost. ven- + sefrí.
vigfaru, n. Monetary value.
ye-ye-yerí, a. Very many.
yeñgí, a. All.
yeñklatí, a. Complete; whole; unfractured; finished.
yentí, a. Every; each and every.
yeresaré, v. To do again; to do more.
yeresí, a. Again.
yerezí, a. More.
yerí, a. Many.
, a. More, many, or again.
yolí, a. None.
yolivíu, n. Nothing.
yúlí, a. Exact.
zhío-, pre. Again.