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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged tool:

ailekhto, n. Microphone or other audio-detecting device.
aléonu, n. Planar breach drive.
bitu, n. Needle; any small indicator, rod, or elongated tool.
bizano, n. Bulletin board; chore rota; duty roster.
dabitu, n. Sewing needle.
edoséu, n. Wheel.
efalthéonu, n. Computer input device.
ekhalthéonu, n. Computer output device; computer display.
ekhtipté, v. To whittle; to carve something small, especially recreationally.
fathíu, n. Light source.
feséu, n. Fibre-optic wire.
gethebéonu, n. Engine.
gethéonu, n. Motor.
-ilkúé, suf. To make something ~ (A to V).
lensarobí, a. Capable of healing or hurting; having multiple purposes or applications, especially of a contradictory nature.
lobaré, v. To manipulate (with a tool).
lobíu, n. Tool or implement.
milobo, n. Hammer.
nargéu, n. Lever.
narséu, n. Rod.
shúkhristíu, n. Quill.
sithíonu, n. Speaker.
stíu, n. Writing tool; feather; human hair.
tanu, n. Hook.
thebéonu, n. Machine.
thedegzéu, n. Cog.
theontabo, n. Robot; mechanical slave.
theonu, n. Machine.
tsarséu, n. Conduit; a bundle of wires, fibre optic cables, and/or mechanical drive shafts.
weséu, n. Electrical wire.
wetoséu, n. Circuit.
wizzo, n. Button.
yezelíonu, n. Phenotype respecifier.
zholaré, v. To manipulate (with hands).