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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged music:

amindé, v. To dance with a lover.
amindúa, n. Romantic dance.
apekaré, v. To create a work specifically for performance by, or the image of, a particular muse or model.
apekilé, v. To devote or dedicate work to a patron or muse.
azide, n. Voice.
búé, v. To drum a beat.
búu, n. Beat; rhythmic percussion.
dilúbúu, n. The sound of the pattering of rain.
efositha, n. A genre of playful, upbeat music.
ekhtinoa, n. Synthesizer.
étshefidtu, n. Lyric; words sung.
faltu, n. Music.
faltúbé, v. To sing, to give music.
fenoa, n. Any musical instrument that projects light as part of a performance.
fertindé, v. To dance in an artistic display.
fertindúu, n. Dance performed for artistic reasons.
gendamotí, a. Haphazard; undirected; formless; disorderly; tasteless; uncultivated.
gendikí, a. Lacking in style or cohesion; haphazard; inelegant; uninspired.
iltúshí, a. Of art: dream-inspired, imagination-inspired, hallucination-inspired; or symbolic or abstract.
indé, v. To dance, especially for celebration or entertainment.
indúnou, n. The body of a professional dancer or any prop used during a dance (literally, 'dance instrument').
indúu, n. Dance, especially one done for celebration or entertainment.
kara, n. Muse.
kyeranatra, n. Chorus; repeated verse or stanza.
lersithekhu, n. Treble-line; a high-pitched counterpoint to the bassline that appears in some Lilitic music.
mipinoa, n. Percussive instrument.
motu, n. Aesthetic.
okhnotu, n. Mood; ambiance.
shúthinoa, n. Wind instrument; usually piped or fluted.
sinoa, n. Musical instrument.
sithekhu, n. Melody.
sithnotu, n. Sonic texture, either musical or phonic.
sithu, n. A sound or noise.
sívithekhu, n. Positive, uplifting melody; musical joy.
stibúu, n. Percussive accompaniment to a religious ceremony.
stillindé, v. To perform a ritual dance.
stillindúu, n. Ritual dance.
trothekhu, n. Gloomy, sad melody; musical gloom.
tshempfo, n. Nine-stringed harp instrument.
tshemsé, v. To sleep, trance, or be hypnotized by remembering a fond memory one is reminded of by artistic performance.
turellinoa, n. Acoustic instrument.
twéïnoa, n. Stringed instrument, or any percussive instrument that can produce a specific note.
vensithekhu, n. Bassline.
wu, n. Spirit, adventure, energy, tenacity, storytelling.
zelapekaré, v. To fall in love with a performer or model while making art of/for her; see apekaré.
zelmota, n. (a) Beauty of form or style; (b) a "correct" style.
zhanebé, v. To remix; to create a derivative work.