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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged comparative:

dzenekhonverekirí, a. Of the same description.
dzenkrí, a. Of the same description.
dzú-, pre. Direct inverse of lú-; ~-analogue.
dzún-, pre. Direct inverse of lún-; ~-analogue.
dzútheluví, a. Analogous; similar in function or role.
ekhuví, a. Of the exact same structure and shape.
gend-, pre. Without; lacking (preceding a vowel.)
genda-, pre. Without; lacking (preceding a consonant.)
gendé, v. To lack; to be without.
hemai, adv. Even, still (emphasising a comparative).
lebenu, n. Imitation or reflection on water.
lú-, pre. ~-ish, ~-like.
lún-, pre. ~-ish or ~-like as used before a vowel.
lúnekhuví, a. Of highly similar structure or shape.
lútheluví, a. Similar.
no-, pre. As nato + lú(n); used before a consonant.
non-, pre. As nato + lú(n); used before a vowel.
nonekhuví, a. Of different and readily distinguishable structure or shape.
yeresaré, v. To do again; to do more.
yeresí, a. Again.
, a. More, many, or again.
yúlí, a. Exact.