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Memories of Earth
Greater ASH Jargon Sprachbund
The anglo-sino-hellenic (ASH) jargon sprachbund is a catch-all term for words and cognate families shared between Academic English, Roshagil, and Glissia by scholars and practitioners. Most vocabulary begins within Roshagil or Glissia and is subsequently calqued, borrowed, or otherwise imported into all three languages through various written works. Around two fifths of terms come from other sources, particularly the Kuanid continuum. Non-human languages are the least represented in the ASH sprachbund, contributing less than 1% of widely-used terms found in Standard Roshagil and Glissia neolexicography, and almost no new English vocabulary, despite the frequency of borrowings in dialectical Roshagil and Kuanid, and of borrowing between non-monophyletic, non-human cultures. This systematic bias toward etymological purity is doubtless a symptom of Lyrisclensian exceptionalism, with Hatel emulation likely rooted in approval-seeking.