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Ivilon Desqrit
a Mútrí Trúzía
Personal Name: Ivilon
Familial Name: Desqrit
Cultural Title: a Mútrí Trúzía

Birth: 4941.732 tgc
Death: 5026 tgc
Lifespan: 84.26 tgc

Species: Kafin
Gender: Female

Biography: Ivilon Desqrit was the founder of the Gryphon Movement, which led to the formation of the Gryphon Republic. A programmer from Níonosca, she was among the first to notice the inadequacies of the archipelago's meagre military force in the face of the potential threat from malignant nations such as the Hogedep and the Globkhro Federation.

She became a lobbyist, courting many of the rulers of the various principates, and promised to transform their military prowess, not always revealing that her true intent was to secure Thet against outside threats. This was an extremely effective policy; when the Gripsení Civil War broke out in 4952, she had more than half of Thet's standing military, both living and mechanical, under her indirect control.

Near the end of the civil war, Ivilon ordered the transformation of the Link, a terrible and dark event in Thet's history. She forced Thet's surviving population into great Link-wired warehouses, justifying this action as being for the good and safety of the people, and promising that it would only be temporary until after the imminent Hogedep threat had been resolved.

The war with the Hogedep, however, lasted only a few days, as Lyrisclensian technology was at the Republic's disposal. The citizens of Thet would remain trapped in the Link for almost eight hundred years, mostly because, following her assassination in 5026, there was no one left in the archipelago who could or would reverse her actions.

Personality: Ivilon's preoccupation with social order and manipulatory skill is not stereotypical of her species, the Kafin, which are noted for their rejection of authority. This paradox was scrutinized intensely by Gryphon-era historians, who put forth a number of theories regarding her childhood to attempt to explain the apparent betrayal of her species (and perhaps of all of Thet), but by the Quill period, Lyrisclensian anthropologists and sophontologists were quick to point out that there simply wasn't all that much truth in the stereotype; Ivilon grew up in a community of Kafin long-since adapted, like most, to the messy political world of the Iron principates, and saw a road that she believed would eliminate the ills with which it confronted her.