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The Consolidation
Date: 5015.979 tgc

The Gryphon government orders the relocation of Thet's populace into a more convenient geographical organization, gathering people from across the inner and outer rings and bringing them to massive apartment complexes located in Archiva, Níonosca, and Regenelía, which were armoured bunkers that promised to protect them from war if the Hogedep invasion succeeded. To pacify the people and limit transit between the three facilities, the government powerfully exaggerated the threat of war, manufacturing terrorist plots and other excuses both before and long after the actual brief engagement.

There were a number of reasons motivating Ivilon Desqrit to order this course of action:

  • The Hogedep were massing an attack fleet, and it was unclear as to whether or not the Republic commanded sufficient resources to defend against an invasion if the population was scattered across the archipelago.

  • It diminished or neutralized the need to clean up historical artefacts which might provide knowledge and awareness of Thet's history, reducing the threat of mounting resistance down to the long-lived Lyrisclensiae and Lilitai (who were persecuted shortly after.)

  • Ivilon was an adamant interventionalist and believed that long-term control and monitoring was the best way to prevent and control poor personal choices, including but not limited to resisting the government.

  • Even if Thet held out against the Hogedepi force, there might not remain sufficient resources to adequately police the remaining civilians if they were spread out.