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Refuge of the free machines.
Many denizens of the archipelago have never seen a Pesene without their unique robotic suits—indeed, at first appearance one could be forgiven for thinking the peculiar quadrupedal creatures were entirely artificial in nature. However, the truth is somewhat more subtle: the suits are sentient, but they are not the same as their wearers. And not all of the suits are comfortable with this.

Makta is a small stormy ball of rock, scarcely more inhabitable than Illera, which occupies a tiny brane with a very narrow entry aperture nestled between Hava and utter oblivion. It has been visited by a few civilizations, including the Ksreskézai, who considered it too inaccessible to be worth colonizing, and the Khúsak, who once had a temple sanctuary on it. For most of its historical record, however, it has been known as the home of the Epyesteyi, a group of independent Pesenese robots no longer under the control of their creators. Many alter themselves to adopt less servile forms, but still the general shape and motifs of the Pesenese engineers and artisans who first designed them are apparent.

For most of their history, the Epyesteyi maintained trade with sympathetic Peseneyi, who gave them spare parts and tools in exchange for exports of Makta's rich mineral resources, although when the Lilitai first settled Illera, they traded until the plague broke out. Trade resumed in 5045 tgc during the flight of the Lilitai from the Gryphon Republic in Thet, long into the Illerans' second colony.