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The Lilitic Goddess of Protection
Containing personal matters is one thing—the Lilitai have no shortage of goddesses to dictate their treatment of secrets, or to aid in the creation of new ideas—but sometimes there are things which must be done, or people who must be kept safe, to whom no other goddess will pay attention. Neptarléa is the governess and guardian of the Lilitasa; their protector and keeper. Prayers to her are not made with any sacrifice; but she will grant her help only if it is certain that the Lilita will live her life as Neptarléa has seen that she should. After the end of the ordeal, the Lilita must sped the next year of her life robed in white, with minimal contact to the external world, not speaking unless spoken to, and careful adherence to the old standards of behaviour laid out by the old Oksinení rules.

Neptarléa wears the same robes, with pale skin, icy hair, and eyes filled with black. The robes are inscribed with the basic commandments of the code of behaviour. She forgives all Lilitasa who realise their true responsibilities as Slokdtabasa again.

She is also responsible for finding and escorting most of the dead to Poaléa for healing; a select few will be taken back by Rostyaekía instead, her competitor. Her role as an endorser of the slavery imposed upon the Lilitasa by the Ksreskézai places Neptarléa in natural opposition to the mother goddess of the Rotomemí.

See spelling note at arlé.