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Tshalléa and Taléa
The Lilitic Religious Principle of Thought
See also Tshalléa and Taléa.

Tshalléa is imagined as the creator of all mind and thought in the universe, and also the original source thereof.

The essential difference between Tshalléa and a mortal mind (besides the obvious absence of biochemical self-defensive drives like survival, self fulfilment, and emotion) is that she is capable of monitoring any point in the universe with unlimited analytical capacity. This is sufficient to make her completely unrecognisable as far as having a personality, but how she comprehends the universe and performs logic are both comparable to a mortal mind.

She is seen as an amorphous white glowing entity, but may take on other shapes. She cannot take prayers, because she is a medium rather than an agent, but it is widely-recognized that she is to be credited with sentience's invention. Some Lilitai have proposed that praying to Tshalléa could make other pre-sapient species more cogent.