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Gleméa Haidtúa
il Lilitina
Personal Name: Gleméa
Familial Name: Haidtúa
Professional Title: il Lilitina

Birth: 67433.05 lky
Death: 67992.866 lky
Lifespan: 671.77 tgc

Spouse: Deztra Salnúkzoa (67512.377 lky – 68084.468 lky)
Species: Lilitu
Gender: Shúthilda

Biography: First matriarch of the Lilitic people. Formerly a secretary at the Dashro Basin Celestial Navigation Research Centre. Coordinated and led the evacuation effort of the Lilitai from Ksreskézo. Married Deztra Salnúkzoa immediately after the Vendashro, and gave birth to a daughter, Súa Gleméanivía, in 47 lilpo, both firsts amongst the free Lilitai. Although her daughter is usually recognized as the mastermind behind the first colonization of Illera in 672 lilpo, she was acutely aware of the need for a permanent planetary residence for her people. Died protecting an ambushed trade delegation, the goal of which had been the recovery of Ekhessa Salnúkzoa.