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Deztra Salnúkzoa
Personal Name: Deztra
Familial Name: Salnúkzoa
Cultural Title: Egríthía

Birth: 67512.377 lky
Death: 68084.468 lky
Lifespan: 686.5 tgc

Spouse: Gleméa Haidtúa (67433.05 lky – 67992.866 lky)
Species: Lilitu
Gender: Munilda

Appearance: Unusual greyish skin caused by long-term exposure to weapons manufacturing processes (specifically, silver compounds) at the Institute for Empire. Exhibited noticeable epicanthic folds, an extremely rare trait among the Lilitai.

Biography: Weapons researcher; originally research assistant (pre-Holocaust) at the Ksreskézaian Military Institute for Empire in the capital on Ksreskézo. Married to Gleméa Haidtúa following a long and secret friendship conducted during visits to the Dashro Basin by her owner. Served an important role in early independent Lilitai society as one of the few survivors with working knowledge of weapons. Died in the Illeran plague.

Deztra's house, Salnúkzoho, was a major participant in the military industry in Dashra. It was distantly related to the Salnêkzoyo house of Wemno, a far-flung clan considered a second-tier member of Wemnian aristocracy which had much more diverse holdings.

Personality: Predominantly múnilda, with some shúthilda and stílda. Notoriously contemptuous and generally cold-tempered, her long proximity to the military made her more receptive to Ksreskézaian patriotism than most other survivors. Unlike Gegloka Tevopía, however, her mindset was more than just supine rhetoric, and her survival instinct was more than sufficient to survive the Holocaust itself. Her pre-existing romantic ties to Gleméa eventually softened this hard exterior.