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Gripsení Mitraje
Gryphon Republic
Start: 4950 tgc
End: 5811 tgc

The reasons for the end of the Lenení Mitraje are myriad: tensions between the various principates that sprawled the archipelago had risen to a head, with many threatening to declare war on each other through a convoluted web of treaties that was poorly understood; the principates were largely unable to effectively govern because they had fallen to corruption and self-interest; and perhaps more importantly, the Hogedepi Empire was now eyeing this disorder opportunistically.

The Gryphon Movement started amongst the most outlying belts, in the cities and asteroid fields most vulnerable to a potential attack by the Hogedep, and least-served by the more mid- and inner-oriented capitols. Their manifesto was straight to the point: the Iron era was a mistake, and the only way out was through restoring the order of the ancients (most versions named these "ancients" as the Reed Administration.)

The leader of this movement, and the subsequent nation itself, was Ivilon Desqrit, a Kafin Cossipa who felt that the Iron system was feeble and bloated. It was her policies that led to the Gripsení Civil War when the Iron regional governments resisted unification, as well as the twin purges of the Link and various difficult subpopulations.

Although the Gryphon Republic technically had a ruling council elected by single-party vote, most of the administration work was carried out by management software which Ivilon had written herself, inspired by the scheme used in the Link, although non-sentient. As a seasoned programmer of the Kafin, Ivilon was in a unique position to architect a wildly complex system, and to a degree its outlasting of her rendered it inflexible, and led to more than one severe maladaptive mismanagement throughout the centuries. As no one understood Ivilon's code much less her logic, it remained virtually unmodified until its destruction at the end of the period.