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Eviction of the Lilitai and Lyrisclensiae
Start: 5021 tgc
End: 5103 tgc

During this period, the Lilitai and Lyrisclensiae in Thet were driven out by the Gripsení Mitraje; those who refused were put in indefinite detention. It had been predicted that their long lifespans made them the most likely dissidents, and there were numerous technical issues with mass-producing new Link terminals for the peculiarities of Lyrisclensian neuroanatomy. The Lyrisclensiae retreated to various colonies in nearby pockets of space, or to other humanoid-friendly habitats, and the bulk of the Lilitai returned to their cousins on Illera.

It would not be until the Stía Resistance formed that the Lyrisclensiae and Lilitai would start to return to Thet.