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Haplenía Korakta
Personal Name: Haplenía
Familial Name: Korakta
Cultural Title: Poaléanivía

Birth: 67700.191 lky
Death: 68095.094 lky
Lifespan: 473.88 tgc

Spouse: Reséa Chúkotía (67676.961 lky – 68145.507 lky)
Species: Lilitu
Gender: Munilda

Biography: Originally a nurse at a factory farm far from the Ksreskézaian capitol, Haplenía was one of the few medically trained survivors of Ksreskézo's collapse. She spent the first few years of Lilitic independence working under Gleméa Haidtúa as an aide, returning to her expertise in medicine after Gleméa asked her to begin restoring a means of parthenogenesis to the Lilitai. Out of this research she founded the Lilitic tradition of medical arts and sciences, which was only much later merged with Lyrisclensian and Telaian medical and biological sciences.

In later years, she helped found the first colony at Illera, and became the colony's director shortly after the plague broke out. As the years of the plague wore on, and there became less to manage, Haplenía took on increased responsibilities in the fight against the disease. She was one of the last to die by it, having been infected accidentally in the laboratory. Her work ultimately led to a viable treatment, and the plague's last victim died only two years later, after having ravaged the population of Illera for over 40 Lilitic years.

The school of medicine at Vendashro lí Widhíkúelía was founded in her honour.

Personality: Shúthilda/múnilda.

Illeran Plague: coordinated relief effort; died working on the cure.
First Illera colony: kelatetí manazekwía (senior manager) in charge of the colony's maintenance.

(68084.221 lky – 68095.094 lky)