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Lilitika Dictionary
visual art

The following dictionary entries are tagged visual art:

afaikhu, n. Silhouette.
aloshéfu, n. Transparency; neutrality to light.
amnado, n. Engraving.
apekaré, v. To create a work specifically for performance by, or the image of, a particular muse or model.
apekilé, v. To devote or dedicate work to a patron or muse.
denlu, n. Medium; that substance which is used to illustrate, typically ink or paint.
didtehé, v. To sharpen an idea or image; to bring something into focus; to rehearse; to practice.
fabvé, v. To refract.
famé, v. To sparkle with reflected light; to glitter.
fameneí, a. Glittering.
fenoa, n. Any musical instrument that projects light as part of a performance.
fernowu, n. Tableau vivant, set of statues set up in a scene, or both.
fertove, n. Easel or artist's desk.
fônyaré, v. To paint (a subject).
garenu, n. Paint; any pigment that leaves a solid film.
gendamotí, a. Haphazard; undirected; formless; disorderly; tasteless; uncultivated.
gendikí, a. Lacking in style or cohesion; haphazard; inelegant; uninspired.
gurmotéo, n. Animated cartoon.
iltúshí, a. Of art: dream-inspired, imagination-inspired, hallucination-inspired; or symbolic or abstract.
kara, n. Muse.
karipe, n. Painter's palette.
kémotéo, n. Animated cartoon.
kémotréo, n. Animated cartoon.
khristíu, n. Paintbrush.
kru, n. Medium (paper, canvas); the substrate upon which a work of art is made.
lônyaré, v. To paint (a canvas).
lúdaire, n. Paint bottle for keeping undiluted paints in.
motéo, n. Cartoon.
motréo, n. Cartoon.
motu, n. Aesthetic.
nadairo, n. Paint dish for keeping diluted paints in while working.
natu, n. Eraser.
okhnotu, n. Mood; ambiance.
sefenlu, n. Ink, including paints that darken when applied in a more concentrated form, like watercolor.
surmotréo, n. Cartoon.
tínota, n. Calligraphy or typography.
tréo, n. Sketch.
trepé, v. To communicate, as a sensory organ, a vision of a scene that will be rendered into a work of visual art.
trepeshé, v. To render visual art which depicts a scene.
tshemsé, v. To sleep, trance, or be hypnotized by remembering a fond memory one is reminded of by artistic performance.
wu, n. Spirit, adventure, energy, tenacity, storytelling.
yaré, v. To paint (an image).
zelapekaré, v. To fall in love with a performer or model while making art of/for her; see apekaré.
zelmota, n. (a) Beauty of form or style; (b) a "correct" style.
zhanebé, v. To remix; to create a derivative work.