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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged acoustics:

ailekhto, n. Microphone or other audio-detecting device.
ané, v. To examine, inspect, explore, or closely study something.
asithu, n. Silence.
azide, n. Voice.
búé, v. To drum a beat.
búu, n. Beat; rhythmic percussion.
etesso, n. Echo.
haisithé, v. To hear.
keldothí, a. Hoarse; wavering; uneven due to exasperation or exhaustion.
kelithí, a. Loud; bellowing; boldly suggesting.
kletu, n. Clicking noise.
lersithekhu, n. Treble-line; a high-pitched counterpoint to the bassline that appears in some Lilitic music.
lesithé, v. To yell or bellow.
múraithu, n. Passive-aggressive silence, either malicious or vengeful.
sartithí, a. Softly-speaking; gently suggesting.
sasithí, a. Quietly; softly-speaking.
sithekhu, n. Melody.
sithíonu, n. Speaker.
sithu, n. A sound or noise.
stibúu, n. Percussive accompaniment to a religious ceremony.
vensithé, v. To mutter, mumble, or murmur.
vensithekhu, n. Bassline.
yehathé, v. To listen to.
yesithu, n. Echo; unsolicited, spontaneous recollection of a memory (figurative).