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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged material:

alerotélapía, n. Turquoise (mineral).
amindí lapía, n. Love-dance crystal, a name for dzherlapía.
atshalapía, n. Small crystals or mineral deposits, usually sedimentary and at the bottom of water, that sparkle.
balu, n. Metal.
bapte, n. Foam.
degu, n. Chitin (not to be confused with dégu).
dékoppo, n. Glass, regardless of composition.
dzherlapía, n. Ruby.
ekenede, n. Granite.
ekhu, n. Shape, texture.
embedí, a. Dehydrated, dessicated.
énamoe, n. Salt used as a seasoning.
énsallapía, n. Mica.
fathé, v. To glow; to make light.
fatheneí, a. Luminescent.
fíkotolapía, n. Morganite.
fímillapía, n. Rose quartz.
galukotolapía, n. Golden beryl.
galutre, n. Golden beryl sequin.
haplere, n. Soil stratum.
hinitrolapía, n. Moss agate.
hinolapía, n. Malachite; algae-crystal.
kagatolapía, n. Heliodor, a greenish-yellow beryl.
kantapía, n. Diamond.
katrolapía, n. Jasper.
kebalenenu, n. Hematite.
kedolempeneí, a. Shiny but having a coarse texture, thereby yielding an uneven image; eye-catching; bearing mesmerizing detail; secretive.
kedolí, a. Dented.
kedoplere, n. Rock stratum.
kedyedí, a. Gritty; grainy; (of a fluid) containing coarse particles or lumps.
kelempeneí, a. Shiny; glossy; well-rehearsed and charismatic.
kevlegu, n. Wood.
klerenede, n. Sedimentary rock.
klinlapía, n. Emerald.
kotolapía, n. Beryl.
lapetre, n. Sequin or bead made from gemstone.
lapíu, n. Crystal.
lempé, v. To reflect light or an image.
lempeneí, a. Reflective or currently reflecting light or an image.
likillapía, n. Chrysocolla.
lúhaigwu, n. Between-surface; interface.
menshúaní lapía, n. Feldspar (glassblower's crystal).
milemu, n. Silica-based glass.
millapía, n. Quartz.
mímolapía, n. Sapphire.
mitrolapía, n. Chalcedony.
nakleté, v. To put cracks in something; to make something crack.
nakletu, n. Crack, especially in paint or metal; also a gap between two things that should fit together tightly.
natonúí, a. Slippery; slick.
núí (2), a. Sticky.
núílí, a. Slimy.
oklisu, n. Plastic.
-oppa, suf. Material of ~ (N to N).
remíokolapía, n. Red beryl.
rotékotolapía, n. Aquamarine.
sarbala, n. Lead, especially as a construction material.
saryedí, a. Creamy; viscous.
sateple, n. Magma.
sayedo, n. Ointment.
shúílí, a. Dangerously slippery.
soimeteple, n. Igneous rock.
solempeneí, a. Diffuse; exhibiting a low degree of specular reflectivity; matte; predictable.
thúsentu, n. Ceramic.
zallaní kedopla, n. Traveller's stone, a name for klinlapía.
zemillapía, n. Moganite.
zímalkolapía, n. Lapis lazuli or lazurite.
zímillapía, n. Amethyst.
zípitrolapía, n. Blue lace agate.