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Leo Vitter
Personal Name: Leo
Familial Name: Vitter
Professional Title: Captain

Birth: 31 iky
Death: 98 iky
Lifespan: 80.4 tgc

Species: Telau
Gender: Male

Biography: Leo Vitter was the captain of a small Telaian exploratory ship, the Sérieux. In 83 iky it was on a mission to map the space out on the open side of the Tletketti border, beyond the Ksreskézaian Expanse. This was a long-term mission, dispatched from a distant Telaian colony. They knew nothing of the area, nor of the recently-extinct Tletkettoyi, nor the Hogedep who had, for a thousand years, been trying to disarm the automated weaponry that lay on the Tletkettoyi border worlds.

The Sérieux encountered an asteroid field, a battalion of Hogedep ships, and a battery of automated Tletketti guns that targeted anything that moved. The situation quickly became a matter of cat-and-mouse; Vitter's ship was seriously damaged by each blow that it took. Partway through the battle, the Hogedep successfully partially disabled the sentries, rendering themselves but not the Sérieux invisible to their targeting sensors. Not knowing what laid ahead, Vitter ordered his ship to perform a planar jump into the nearest brane—Thet.

They were not followed, but the ship began to disintegrate as it approached Thessia Major. Just as it hit the atmosphere, a Lyrisclensian geological survey craft caught the Sérieux in a Bessel beam and lowered it into the Doisseia river.

During the engagement with the Hogedep, Vitter's wife, Amiophera, died. In her honour, shortly after settling the Kunan valley and building Kunanoten, Vitter had Amiopherica Valley turned into a park, which survives to this day as Amphera Island. Vitter was interred in the park along with his wife's remains following his death three years later.

Arrival of Telai on Thessia Major: leader of first contact party with Lyrisclensiae and Lilitai; captain of the Sérieux.