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Spectra Collegidta
Personal Name: Spectra
Familial Name: Collegidta
Cultural Title: Mera

Birth: 3871 tgc
Death: 6604 tgc
Lifespan: 2733 tgc

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Female

Biography: Spectra was born during the height of the Iron regional governments system, when provinces and chaos reigned over the people. History was not her first love; she originally was an artist who worked for many princes and nobles throughout the Iron period, specializing in elaborate multicomponent performance pieces. Her interests shifted to art history when she became aware of the suppressive attitudes of the Gryphon government, a concern that eventually pushed her into hiding on Illera. She became a general historian there, educating the Illerans about the history of their cousins and ancestors. This knowledge became highly important following her return to Thet, with the Stía Resistance. Spectra became depressed over the death of a lover in 6601, and committed suicide by petrification three years later.

Personality: As an art historian, Spectra personally adhered to the ancient Lilitic gender roles, and considered herself major stílda, minor tshilda. Generally she was quite flashy in her self-presentation, but also a wise and capable storyteller.

Stía Resistance: mission operator.