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Stía Resistance
Start: 5781 tgc
End: 5812 tgc

The Stía Resistance began on the Link by a group of amateur cryptographers who stumbled onto records of the expulsion of the Lyrisclensiae and Lilitai. Information about these species had largely been suppressed since shortly after the Reformatting, even though parts of their culture—and to an extent even the mind of one Lyrisclensian, Dawn—were integral to the Link.

By 5785 tgc, the resistance recognized that it would not do try to reform the Gripsení Mitraje, and began drawing up plans for their new democracy, the Stíení Mitraje.
Spectra Collegidta: mission operator.
Basil Irsico: founded and led.

(5781 tgc – 5804 tgc)
Zoe Regenelica: led.

(5804 tgc – 5812 tgc)