The Storm of the Dead
Start: 23948.3 ksepo (67891.291 lky)
End: 23948.45 ksepo (67891.329 lky)

Variously known as Atshaní Lerapola-la il Neptrúekhete (The Storm of Ghosts) and Pléholitre-le il Éthelekhta (The Days of Loneliness) by contemporary poets, the Storm was the prolonged breach-jump out of the decaying Ksreskézaian brane by the Lilitai Fleet immediately following the Vendashro.

The warped higher-dimensional space not only caused non-instantaneous travel, but also triggered hallucinations in the passengers, causing many to see the dead they had left behind, although most only witnessed the strange geometric shapes of segments of higher-dimensional space passing harmlessly through their vehicles.

Half way through the storm it was determined that the drive bubbles emitted by the ships' engines created a shield against these effects, and the refugees spent the rest of the journey stowed safely away, struggling to interpret what they had seen.