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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged ethics:

alepokoizildra, n. Libertarianism.
alítoneka, n. Protest (event).
amúbekhtína, n. Kindness.
apodra, n. Disobedience or lack of faith in leadership; faith in libertarianism.
awozekí, a. Innocent; being in the state of not knowing.
berregé, v. To guide someone (to a desired conclusion) with malicious intent; to manipulate a person.
ettúa, n. Perspective, stance, viewpoint.
flokina, n. Riot or violent protest.
gendamefí alesta, n. Sourceless hate; evil.
genessa, n. Evil.
genesso, n. Cruelty; malice.
koizildra, n. Political ideology.
lidra, n. Yearning for cooperation; faith in collectivism or communism.
litrakoizildra, n. Collectivism; communism.
míldra, n. Obedience or faith in leadership; faith in authoritarianism.
mítrakoizildra, n. Authoritarianism.
ríñkorré, v. To excommunicate.
sarnokonidta, n. Moral.
soidra, n. Optimism; faith in progressivism.
soiwalena, n. Progressive revolution or coup.
surkoizildra, n. Progressivism.
thedra, n. Yearning for independence; faith in individualism or anarchism.
thelkoizildra, n. Individualism; anarchism.
tsheldra, n. Pessimism; faith in conservatism.
tshelkoizildra, n. Conservatism.
tshelwalena, n. Reactionary revolution or coup.
veñkorré, v. To abdicate.
zellegé, v. To guide someone (to a desired conclusion) with a positive outcome.
zettúa, n. Worldview, personal philosophy, overall perspective on life.
zeyetí amúbekhtína, n. Balanced kindness; social empathy.